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Larecoin Smart Wallet & Decentralized Exchange Platform

What is Larecoin?

Larecoin is a Utility Token registered with the SEC and deployed as an ERC20 token back in 2018. The utility of Larecoin (LARE) on it's underlying Smart Wallet and Decentralized Exchange platform shall drive demand as our community grows.


Larecoin smart wallet and decentralized exchange (Web, iOs and Android) offers users a rewarding, incentivized gamification and foundation to generate, earn or farm rewards. Such rewards not limited to in exchange for deposit making, staking, yield farming, bounties, lotteries and collectibles.


Larecoin offers unparalleled flexibility continually extending its offerings to support crypto processing across an even wider array of digital assets, management and blockchain solutions. Upon launch of the Smart Wallet, Larecoin community is enabled to Send, Receive and Convert Digital Assets instantly.

Larecoin is officially trading on PancakeSwap. Help us secure additional crypto capital for our liquidity pool, development priorities, working/ operating funds for our hardworking staff, guerilla marketing/ advertising campaigns to expand our reach to over 500k users by 2022.