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Smart Wallet

Here are some for starters.

The smartest way to manage your digital assets and collectibles
Multi-Currency - Multi Wallet - Smart Wallet Voice Command
Custom Wallet Labeling - Click, Drag & Drop reorder features to stay organized

Aggregate your AUM and Trade from multiple Wallets 

Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Lock Technology on mobile

Buy Cryptocurrency within seconds on Demand 
using Debit/ Credit, Bank Account ACH/ Wire Transfer, Gift Cards, Paypal/Venmo or Zelle

Transfer money instantly within 30 seconds
Decentralized, Secure and Anonymous transactions
Only 1.5% transfer tax + gas cost

All passwords in our database are encrypted using Salted SHA-256
99.5% of our users' assets are kept in a cold wallet with multi signature technology
All data from our websites are transmitted using encrypted

Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e. HTTPS)
Advanced distributed system architecture built to protect against

DDoS to ensure that trading cannot be halted by outside attacks
Two-Authentication (2FA) is required for actions pertaining to

withdrawals, trading activities and changes to account

Launchpad enables users to make investments into promising projects

which are vetted and approved by Larecoin team

Debit Card linked to your account for your expense account to be able to

push your crypto to your Debit Card through Push to Card services. 

Establish, maintain and grow your credit profile and rating.

Get qualified for credit cards, personal, auto and home loans

backed by crypto lenders.

Earn income in many ways with Larecoin Earn.

Direct access to crypto gigs, jobs board, play to earn,

watch to earn, write to earn opportunities. As you earn more income,

so do your credit qualifications. 

Shopping with Larecoin directly from Larecoin merchants.

Pay in crypto or by your linked card in store or online.

Buy and Sell anything for Crypto.

Peer to peer exchange enables users to trade their assets in real time

for as little as 0.5 taker 0.5 maker fees. Access to all markets 24|7|365

Real-time Crypto ticker will keep you informed on the go.

Track cryptocurrencies and their spot market pricing.

Open, close and scroll through the ticker online and on mobile

No matter where you are in the World, your race or culture.

We have you covered.

Our solutions are readable and writeable in over 100 Languages

Always with you on the go
iOs - Android - Desktop - Browser

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