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(watch online###) Coventry City vs. Sunderland live match 25/02/2023

Sunderland 1-1 Coventry City - Championship - July 31, 2022 - Match Guide, Data Analysis, Standings - Football - Sports MoleMore game data and we say below the videosWe said: Sunderland 2-1 Coventry City Both managers will be happy with their transfer business thus far, throwing up the possibility of an entertaining game being played out in the North-East. However, while we expect Coventry to push their hosts all the way, Sunderland could nick a win through a late goal at the Stadium of Light. Read more. Data AnalysisOur analysis of all available data, including recent performances and player stats up until an hour before kickoff, suggested the most likely outcome of this match was a Sunderland win with a probability of 37.

82%. A win for Coventry City had a probability of 35. 63% and a draw had a probability of 26. 6%. The most likely scoreline for a Sunderland win was 1-0 with a probability of 10%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome were 2-1 (8. 27%) and 2-0 (6. 55%). The likeliest Coventry City win was 0-1 (9. 65%), while for a drawn scoreline it was 1-1 (12. 62%). The actual scoreline of 1-1 was predicted with a 12. 6% likelihood.

Coventry City vs Sunderland H2H


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