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Here are some for starters.

User Friendly UI/ UX Dashboard Accessible from Homepage

Login by connecting Larecoin Hardware Wallet with web3 integration 

Optimize your business operations with a business management solution that enables an entrepreneur to manage multiple businesses and their profiles.

Each business profile requires business and owner verification as well as the management and storage of branding, content and contact information

Add one or more locations to a business profile whether you're a small business with one location or a worldwide franchise with thousands of locations you can scale and oversee your entire operation

Manage multiple corporate wallets and digital registers for your business and its locations enable facilitation of commerce and payments

Human Resource solutions give you the upper hand in managing staff, contractors and their payroll more efficiently than ever before 

One central database for maintaining all of your inventory and inventory management with the ability to assign an inventory to a specific location with contactless QR generated menu in store

Supply Chain Management

Create, Send and Manage Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Scheduling

Whether it's one time or a recurring arrangement you can stay organized, up to date on activity within your business as well as with staff and client scheduling initiatives. 

Manage Manufacturing and Warehousing Data

Whether it's one time deal or a recurring arrangement you can stay organized, up to date on activity within your business and with scheduling initiatives. 

Project Management,  Collaboration and Communication across teams

It's vital your team is always in alert with project plans and priorities. Project management and deliverables of execution only reap best results when everyone on your team is on the same page. Enable effective collaboration and communications.

Contact Relationship Management and Document Storage

Lead and contact management solutions to develop, maintain and continue growth of a pipeline of clients with sales automation leveraging built in SMS and Email marketing services. Store and access important information and documents. Real time reporting 

Decentralized Advertising Solutions like never before

Premium targeted traffic Wholesale direct to Merchant based on demographics and campaign attributes. It is now possible to run and manage the most effective local, regional, nationwide and worldwide multi-media Ad campaigns with tracking and analytics in real time.

Accept payments in fiat via debit or credit card instantly converted into Larecoin or other cryptocurrencies

Accept payments in cryptocurrency for your products and services directly transferred into the corporate wallet for your business

Advertise your business as a cryptocurrency accepted business in our global crypto merchant directory

Scale your business online or in store by driving traffic to your online store or walk ins to your physical location by advertising with access to wholesale premium targeted traffic and campaigns

No matter where you are in the World, your race or culture.

We have you covered.

Our solutions are readable and writeable in over 100 Languages

Always with you on the go
iOs - Android - Desktop - Browser

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