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Instructions how to add Larecoin to your Trust wallet

Step One:

Copy the Larecoin Token Contract Address

Token Address


Step Two:

Download Trust Wallet on your Mobile device. Generate a new wallet or Login into to your existing Trust wallet. Follow the instructions to generate a wallet by saving and reentering your private keys.

Step Three:

Make sure to keep your keys private and safe because this will be the only way you will recover your wallet in the future should you misplace your phone. 

Step Four:

Congrats you now have your own Trust wallet set up. Now it's time to add Larecoin to your wallet. Select Receive in your wallet in order to initiate the process.

image1 (2).jpeg
image0 (4).jpeg

Step Four:

in the search bar type in Larecoin, then select "Add Custom Token".

Step Five:

Change the Network from Ethereum to "Smart Chain" and paste Token Contract Address you copied in Step One
in the Contract Address field and click Save in the upper right corner.

Step Six:

Congratulations! You officially added Larecoin to your Trust Wallet.  Now click Copy to copy your Larecoin wallet address.

image7 (2).jpeg
image8 (1).png

Step Seven:

Go back to website and select the chat box. Paste your wallet address into the chat box. Then enter your details Name, Email and message. You will receive your Larecoin instantly after making a purchase. 

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