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What is Larecoin?

Larecoin is a registered Utility Token. The utility of Larecoin (LARE) reduces transaction fees to 1.5% when sending funds regardless of the amount or to where globally. Larecoin Smart Wallet, Exchange and Investments platform shall provide additional utilities for the Larecoin not limited to discounting its peer to peer exchange maker and taker fees. Larecoin will also be used as a medium of exchange for payments made to merchants for their products and services. Larecoin smart wallet, exchange and investments platform will be available on the Web, iOs and Android.  Upon launching LareBlocks, a blockchain, Larecoin exclusively used to cover blockchain gas costs.

Larecoin offers unparalleled flexibility continually extending its offerings to support crypto processing across an even wider array of digital assets, trading software and blockchain solutions. Upon launch of the Larecoin Smart Wallet, the world will realize the disruption of Larecoin and its technology. 


Larecoin is officially trading on PancakeSwap 

Private Sale is more expensive than buying on PancakeSwap
1 $LARE = $0.00003 (Private Sale)

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